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    sure, you get a great deal if you buy cheap, but that is not a sign of a healthy any other meakrt in the world you would call healthy is the sellers were all transacting below cost?the sellers getting hosed are mostly builders.but even so, the “great deals” you discuss are not going to be available to many owners forced to sell. if you sell at a loss, then you have no money with which to go take advantage of a’ll wind up still owing on a house you no longer have. you have debt and no money for a down payment.i understand your argument that low prices are needed to drive transaction and clear the meakrt and agree that it needs to happen, but taking the next step and saying that it’s “a lot better” as a result is going too is being lost hand over fist. it’s still a terrible meakrt in miami, it’s just not stagnant will turn around at some point, but with rates about to rise, i would not count on that being soon.

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    Linda Shapiro – Fritz Lovely work with this young woman and kudos to her for her big heart and commitment to sevicre. I’ve never been to Cathedral Park to shoot, but think I’ll give it a try. Your light is gorgeous in these!

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